“I have attended many training sessions on suicide and suicide awareness. Hal’s presentation was more real and impactful and beneficial than any other training I have received.” Eric Vallecio, Anderson (SC) School District 2, Counselor

“Hal has a special way of making people feel valued and appreciated. He made a huge difference in the lives of our students.” Erin Phillips, Assistant Principal (ret.) and Counselor, School District of Oconee County (SC)

“Coach, Thanks for sharing your story with my classes. I have two students whose siblings were in a relationship with someone when they chose to end their lives. I have lost three former students to suicide which always make me wonder if I was paying attention or was aware. Thank you for your commitment to raising awareness for such an important cause.” Jennifer S. Moore, teacher, Belton-Honea Path High School, Anderson, SC

“We talked about this idea when you were in the Teacher Cadet class and I thank you for your part in this!!!” Paige Dillard, Anderson School District 1 (SC)

“Thank you for sharing your story with them. It was very impactful!!” Jenifer Halliwell, Student Government Advisor, School District of Oconee County (SC)